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Semen Banking

The purpose of cryopreserving semen (sperm banking) is to help ensure the possibility of conception in the future. When choosing a sperm bank, it is important to find a facility that you believe will be in business for many years to come so that you can safely store your sperm long-term.

Basics to an understanding about 
Semen Banking

At Vizag IVF Centre our sperm bank uses the most advanced medical equipment available and has around the clock security to keep your specimens safe. If you are reaching advanced reproductive age, have a hazardous occupation or will undergo major surgery, you are an excellent candidate for sperm banking.

  • Short-term Semen Cryobanking.

  • Long-Term Semen Cryopreservation.

  • Cryopreservation Technique.

  • Reasons to Cryopreserve Sperm.

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