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It is no easy thing to talk about infertility issues. Because of the general taboo and age-old misconceptions around the issue of not being able to procreate naturally, a lot of trying parents often find themselves in shame and grievance rather than being vocal about not getting or staying pregnant. Fertility issues are equally occurring to both genders and can happen to most of the people around us. But the problem of infertility is quickly becoming more of a recurring problem, especially in today’s generation. To be blunt – 15 out of every 100 couples face issues of not being able to conceive babies. Yet, most of it is never really discussed even with the closest of their circles. We, at Vizag IVF Centre, have often counselled a lot of couples undergoing the same stress due to fertility issues. There are multiple factors that contribute to fertility issues. Stress, Obesity, Smoking, Diabetes, hereditary issues, and genetic defects are a few among them. Sometimes, the problem might not even be visible in plain sight. There is absolutely nothing to be guilty about it. The Impressive advancements in today’s medical treatments have drastically upped the chances of getting pregnant even in the most hopeless cases. Treatments like IUI, IVF, and ICSI are making great strides in making trying couples elated with the higher chances of pregnancy. Figuring out the right path to deal with infertility issues: It all starts with proper consultation with a certified Gynecologist who has expertise in dealing with infertility issues on a daily basis. No amount of surfing through the internet can aptly diagnose your cause of infertility. Knowing the conditions for your issue of not being pregnant will give you a detailed analysis of your state and help you with upcoming treatments that ensure you have a greater chance of pregnancy. After a successful diagnosis of your issues and health conditions through some tests and reports, A customized treatment plan is made for you based on the health, lifestyle and age factors so that you would be put into ease and onward with the treatment. Sure, the infertility treatments are a bit unconventional at the start – but with proper guidance, you will be at ease with the procedures. Fertility Treatments based on your diagnosis of the issue: There are different fertility treatments based on the issue you have against getting or staying pregnant. All these treatments could range from a single sitting to multiple sittings for better progress with pregnancy issues. Let us look at a few popular treatments that are recommended as the first course of action for most people.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): The first treatment that is recommended to the trying couples after a deep diagnosis of your health history and as a first phase prior to IVF treatments. This treatment is often the first course of action where the sperm count of the donor (male partner) is low. The female partner is generally medicated prior to the treatment so that they are in the ovulating state for longer periods. The sperm is collected from the donor (in the couples’ case – the male partner) and are “washed” for better concentration and healthy sperm. Then, the concentrated sperm are introduced into the womb (or the uterus) of the female partner. The whole procedure is mostly painless and will be done within an hour or so under the careful supervision of our expert doctors.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). As the name suggests, the conceiving process is assisted outside the womb of the female partner for IVF. Generally, IVF treatments are put into effect when the initial IUI treatments show no promising results. The sperm and ovaries(eggs) of the couple are collected separately and combined in the glass tube under microscopic observation. Once the process is successful and the combined egg is showing signs of successful baby development, the egg is placed into the mother’s womb through a very delicate process.

And there would be a lot of other treatments based on the specific type of infertility caused by the couples might be facing. Although there are more invasive procedures, IVF may be combined with – you can count on the right team of fertility specialists to assist you in all stages of fertility treatments. Vizag IVF Centre is a state-of-art speciality Fertility clinic located in Visakhapatnam and has its branches in Vizianagaram and Gajuwaka. VIZAG IVF CENTRE provides the best quality, comprehensive, holistic care to Infertile couples and women at a reasonable cost. An interdisciplinary team of expert and caring professionals is committed to meeting the medical as well as emotional needs of couples trying to conceive. The architecture is soothing and dignified, with a clean, modern design. The success rates for the treatments made in the clinic are commendable proof of our reputation in the field of fertility treatments. Want to find out more? Or need expert advice on your ongoing issues with pregnancy? Give us a call and we assure you we to help you with all things’ pregnancy!!!

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