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Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection - IMSI

IMSI is a highly advanced technique where sperms are magnified to approximately 7200 times to allow the selection of better quality sperms for ICSI. This technique offered by Vizag IVF Centre is a major advantage for the couple with bad morphology (abnormal structure) of sperms. It helps to select the sperms with the best shape and size for injecting into the egg.

Basics to undergoing an IMSI treatment

  • IMSI is performed to differentiate between the normal sperms and the abnormal sperms before microinjecting. It is performed using a high powered microscope with 600 times digital imaging. The ultrastructure of the sperm is analyzed through this procedure.

  • The dermatologist examines the nucleus distortion. Over 1000 morphological characters are analyzed using this procedure. Once the sperm is selected for microinjection the later process is the same as the ICSI cycle.

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